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Pontoon Covers

Pontoon covers made in our shop are 100% customizable to suit your needs - almost anything is possible!

All covers are done at our location by our experienced technicians.

Each pontoon cover comes with adjustable poles to give it the pitch required to shed water, preventing the pooling of water found in many OEM covers.  Vents are mounted on top of each pole so moisture can escape from inside of the cover. Reinforcement patches are sewn on the inside of the cover where there is anything that may cause frictional wear.  As a custom shop we can make your cover in pretty much any marine grade material that you would like.  However, we highly recommend Aqualon® Edge for multiple reasons.  Aqualon® Edge is an extremely strong, light weight, long lasting and waterproof fabric with a long proven track record. Unlike a lot of the woven acrylic fabrics on the market, Aqualon® Edge does not shrink when dry nor sag when wet, which makes aligning the snaps during each installation easier for you. It has a soft white polyester backing that will not scratch or leave any color marks on any part of your boat and it comes with one of the best warranties in the industry.  We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all of our covers made from Aqualon® Edge and PTFE (marine coated) thread against any and all manufacture defects.  Our workmanship is geared towards being the best in the industry.  It doesn't matter if your cover is 20 plus years old, if seam rips, a snap comes off, or a hem gives out, as long as your cover is serviceable we will repair it (on the spot whenever possible) for no charge. 


Here is an example of the perfect placement of a custom bimini flap.

As a custom shop, we can make your cover in a variety of different ways.  As part of the design process, we will discuss how you plan on using your new cover and walk you through the the decision making process to ensure we meet your expectations and that your cover is exactly what you want, based on how you use it. Each option comes with its own pros and cons, which we will discuss with you upon drop-off.

Yes, we do need to have your boat here on-site for the entire process, but covers are made by appointment and typically only take a week (or less) to complete.  The work involved in creating your custom cover is done here at our shop - none of it is farmed out.  To make an appointment we require a $350 deposit, which is refundable up to a week in advance of your originally scheduled appointment date. Your appointment date can be changed at any time based on our availability.

Call us at 715-479-3414 to check availability, choose a date and and make arrangements for your deposit - we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Why We Use Aqualon® Edge

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