Pontoon Restoration

We've got everything you need for your pontoon from the deck and up!  We can re-vinyl one seat cushion to match the existing interior of your boat, or we can start from scratch and re-do every inch of your pontoon.  Often times, when the 'toons are in good shape and your "bones" are strong, the most cost effective way to get a like-new boat is to re-finish all or parts of the interior. 

Tired of looking at that ratty, mildew-infested pontoon carpeting?

Replace that tired, old carpet with fresh, new flooring: woven vinyl, vinyl or carpeting.

Do you have moldy and mildewed seats or do you stand up and

realize your pontoon cushions have all absorbed water?

Replace those wet rotted out seats with beautiful new or re-vinyled seating.

We can design the floor plan for your pontoon. Should you need a custom piece

to fit in your boat, we can mix new with custom re-vinyling to match the new

or we can simply re-vinyl all your current seating.

We will guide you through the process to determine the best choices for you using all of the tools we have available to us to help you plan everything from your exact needs to seating layout.



Tired of your bent bimini top frame or ripped cloth?

We can replace just the cloth or put a whole new frame on. 

Your pontoon will go from looking like it needs to be sent to the dump to having a fresh, new look from the deck to the top, and everything in between.






Would you like an estimate? 

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Canvas Products of Eagle River Pontoon R
Canvas Products of Eagle River Pontoon R
Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 4.47.10 PM.png

Please note when viewing this link: we do not use any of the carpeting choices. We only use the AquaWeave woven vinyl options in our restorations



New Seagrass Vinyl Flooring

This beautiful pontoon came to us for new Seagrass Vinyl Flooring. For a job like this, everything on the boat needs to be pulled from the deck, old flooring removed, deck integrity is assessed and new flooring is installed.  Then every single piece, from the furniture to the mooring cleats, to the metal deck edging is cleaned and reinstalled. All electronics are checked, any re-wiring needed is done, and everything is put back in it's place, with a final clean and polish.  We are the only shop in our area that puts quality, meticulous detailing work into your restoration.  Average costs for older/smaller pontoons range $4,000 to $5,500.  For newer/larger pontoons range is usually $5,500 to $7,000.  All of our billing is based on time and materials, and each job is slightly different. This was a  fairly straight-forward job as this boat, the upholstery and amenities had all been lovingly cared for before the decision to replace the floor was made. So, (aside from cleaning and treating with protectant) no vinyl work was needed, minimal electronic soldering and rewiring was needed, and the fencing and deck were in good shape.  4 Shop Techs for 4 days at 10 hours = 40 hours of labor for this particular pontoon.  What you get back is a boat that looks immaculate and like new - the way you expect it to be when you make a significant investment into your boat.  


Full Restoration

When you ask for a total restoration, that is what you get!  From flooring and fencing and re-vinyling or replacing furniture, to live wells and high end audio - we do it all. 

Average costs for restoration vary greatly depending on what you need, but generally you can count on a range (from basic to extensive) of $5,000 to $15,000.

Any restoration we do includes our extensive detailing, including everything from cleaning your vinyl to soldering loose wires.  We give your entire pontoon our full attention. We pride ourselves on that!


We encourage all of our clients to do their homework and ask questions!  Feel free to compare our materials, cost of labor and quality to others in the market.  Below is an example of cost of flooring, of the quality we use.  You can buy your own and do the work yourself if you want to and we're even happy to help with advice and answer questions along the way.  We're certain when you think about the amount of work it takes, the specialized equipment and skills needed and the quality of our finished product, you will see the value of in having it done by professionals.