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Protect your skin from the sun rays that are amplified out on the water while also being  prepared for those unpredictable rain sprinkles that come through while you're out on the water for the day. Our custom biminis are made with Sunbrella™ marine fabric, giving you long lasting protection so you can spend your summers enjoying your boat.

If all you need is a new bimini cloth shade, we can guide you in the purchase of a universal Pontoon Bimini cloth made with a light acrylic fabric.  If your boat needs a custom fit cloth, we can do that, too - most often all we need is the old cloth to create a pattern.

We also sell packages that include the frame, if that is what you need.  Click on the button at the top of the page, appropriate to the boat you are looking for, for more specific information and pricing.

Canvas Products of Eagle River Cindy Cov
Canvas Products of Eagle River Cindy Cov

If a universal Bimini is not what you want or need, we can create a custom bimini with or without an enclosure which will fit your exact needs.  A full enclosure will connect to the windshield and have side and aft curtains, to create a totally protected space on your boat. The first step is sending us photos of your boat, existing bimini/enclosure, and some information about exactly what you want. Feel free to fill out the "request a quote" form located at the top of each page, if you are interested in more information.

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