Seats for your Toys

Seats for your toys should be built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, along with the extreme weather conditions of the Northwoods.

Don't miss out on the fun because your seat is in bad shape! 

We can replace the vinyl on Snowmobiles, ATVs, PWCs, golf carts and individual pontoon and fishing seats.  If your foam is in bad shape and needs replacement, we've got you covered. If you have a skin from a manufacturer for your seat that you need installed, we can do that, too!

Our Upholstery shop works all winter long at re-skinning seats.  This is winter work for us, as our techs do boat covers and other "canvas  shop" work full-time during the summer months.  We are able to do anything from a simple seam repair to a full re-skin to exactly match existing vinyl, including woodwork, foam and hardware if necessary. 

This is extremely skilled labor, and the techs we employ work to the highest industry standards out there.   Our shop rate for these jobs is $90/hr plus materials and our billing is based solely on time and materials put into a job.  The vinyl we use is the highest quality available to the outdoor market, and is usually $30/yard.   As an example, a typical medium sized pontoon seat with the back and the bench portion in need of a very simple re-vinyl will run about $600 to $650.  If the interior of the seat has suffered damage from water or rodents, or the wood is rotting, those portions of the repair are in addition to the simple re-vinyl cost. 


As stated, we work to the highest standards industry-wide, so we are not the place to call if you are looking for "the cheapest option available", however we can discuss ways to save small amounts of time and materials per job, such as leaving out a stripe of color or handmade pin on a cushion. 

What you will get from us is a top-of-the-line seat repair, with top-of-the-line materials, done by technicians with years of experience, every time.


Per Seat - $150.


Below are photos of an antique snowmobile seat that a client brought in for a restore.  They wanted an exact match to the original orange color and texture, with wide white pin and all, with the light and wiring still in it's intended spot. This job is for a snowmobile on display at the World Championship Snowmobile Derby Museum here in Eagle River. 

We use a weather-appropriate 4-way stretch vinyl for snowmobiles that are in regular use, so your upholstery will last a lifetime.