Repair Services

If your boat cover has a tear, loose seams or a wear spot, but your fabric is still in decent shape - we can fix it for you!

Whether it got torn when you caught it on the corner of your dock, the mice got to it while you had it in storage, or it sat too close to the fire and hot embers got to it - we've seen it all. 

Boat covers are your first line of protection when attempting to keep your interior clean and dry and most importantly keeping your upholstery vinyl in good condition. Making yours useable is a good investment into the life of your watercraft - or whatever else it is that you're covering. 

We are able to complete an exhaustive list of repairs to other items that your sewing machine at home simply cannot handle. From smaller tents to awnings, porch curtains to ice fishing shelters, hunting blinds to ATV doors - if it is heavy fabric and it needs to be sewn, we can probably sew it! But please do keep in mind anything on a frame cannot be put under a machine so cannot be sewn. 

For average sized items (boat covers and smaller) the shop rate is $65/hr. A good way to save some money is to remove any hardware or take the item off of any framework it is on, yourself. Any time our techs have to spend on disassembly and reassembly of frames is billed on time and materials. Some things we can disassemble, others we cannot. To remove any doubt it saves a lot  of time (and therefore money) to bring it in off of any frame it is on.

For any repair, fabrication or modification that requires a bay in our indoor shop and for vinyl work, the shop rate is $90/hr.  Our operation is limited to 3 bays for large items and these are projects that involve more than 1 technician. Vinyl work also requires more than one tech and indoor storage space for pieces, both before and after completion.


For larger, heavier items such as dock lift canopies the shop rate is $125/hr.  These items require at least 2 people present during the repair, and an even bigger industrial machine than our every day machines.


Items brought in for repair should be as clean as possible - and dry.  We simply do not have the time or space to spread your items out to dry before repair work is completed. We also cannot accept items for repair that have adhesive of any kind, including duct tape, over the area that will be sewn on.  We cannot risk damage to our machines, which can happen with dirty, wet and/or sticky items.