New Canopies and Canopy Repair

Any Size, Any Make, Any Model

No need to worry about finding a replacement for an old lift that no longer has pre-fab canopies available. Custom dock canopies are made to your frame by taking detailed on-site measurements.  These specialty canopies are fabricated in our Eagle River shop, and customized 100% to your specifications.  We can make a canopy for any frame out there.

If you simply need a new pre-fab canopy, we will provide one specifically for your frame in the material of your choice. These are the canopies recommended by the manufacturers. We guarantee a proper fit and the highest quality available on the market, on all of these canopies.

Whether your canopy is 100% custom made, or we are getting you a pre-fab, all of our material choices for your canopy are the highest quality marine grade fabric available on the market today.  The material choice is yours. Many people are happy to replace their old, heavyweight vinyl canopies with one of the new, state-of-the-art, light weight, super strong materials available today.

The link below will take you to a site with specific information about frames most common in our area, how to measure for your new canopy, what your material choices are, and basic pricing.  We are able to provide service for any canopy you get through us - if you prefer a technician come out to measure your frame for you, you need delivery and installation for your new canopy.  

*For your information regarding choosing replacement vs. repair, our shop rate to repair is $125/hr, as these are 3-person jobs that require special space and equipment, however most often this is significantly less expensive than replacement.*

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Learn why we recommend HarborTime® Edge fabric for your canopy.

Not Ready to Replace Yet?

We have the ability repair any large dock canopy or tent. These are big projects and take several people, but it is most often significantly less than replacement.   

Our shop rate for these repairs is $125/hr, as they usually require 3 people and specialized space and equipment.