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Top Features of Aqualon® Edge
Perfecta® Marine Technology for Added Protection

A custom cover is your best choice when looking for solid protection for your boat.  Aqualon Edge is equipped with Perfecta Marine Technology that reduces heat gain caused by UV rays and keeps things cool under your cover.  It also shields your interior from mildew, mold and damage that the sun can cause. Perfecta Marine Technology allows Aqualon to breathe while at the same time remain tough enough to handle trailering speeds. Aqualon's soft polyester lining ensures extra protection for your interior and anything the cover touches when installed.  All in all Aqualon Edge is the best marine fabric available industry wide for boat covers and many other applications.

Exceptional UV Performance
UV rays can cause massive damage to your boat cover. Studies have shown that about 40 percent of fading in boat covers fabrics are caused by UV rays due to a photochemical reaction involving UV and visible light. The soft warp-knit polyester backing is treated to withstand UV rays and offer a layer of added protection. It has a UPF 50 rating that blocks 98 percent of the sun's rays, thus significantly reducing your boat's exposure risk and protecting your interior.

Vinyl Resin Top Coated
Aqualon Edge boasts a vinyl resin top-coating that offers several advantages. The vinyl resin coating makes the fabric’s surface more impervious to damage and ensures that fabric will last longer, remain stronger, and be more resistant to weather. It is also designed to be UV resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and water proof. Vinyl resin coating also ensures the fabric is easy to clean, lightweight, and colorfast to stay looking good and strong even after extended use.

Underside Coated With A Durable, Water Resistant Finish
Aqualon Edge has an exceptional underside coated with a durable, water-resistant finish that protects your investment and gives you peace of mind. Additionally, the water-resistance underside repels other elements such as oil, stains, chemicals, and abrasion while offering exceptional resistance to wear and tear compared to similar products in the market. 

US made and warrantied

Aqualon edge is produced right here in the US and carries a best-in-the-industry 7 year warranty.

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