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Boat Biminis and Enclosures


When you're out in an open boat, its easy to get too much sun.  Because of the way water reflects sunlight onto your body, the sun you get on a boat is much stronger than the sun you get while on land.  While covering up with a hat, proper clothing, and applying sunscreen will aid in protecting you from the sun, it will not offer you the shade that a Bimini Top will provide.

Bimini Tops will offer you the most complete coverage while boating.   A Bimini Top consists of a metal frame which supports a canvas that is open on the sides.  It's sort of like an umbrella with 4 legs that covers a portion of your boat.  Bimini Tops make relaxing on the water easy.

Whether you want to order a manufactured Bimini, you need a repair, or you need a custom made Bimini, Canvas Products offers top of the line choices.  Our custom Bimini tops are fabricated right here in our shop.  We have over 30 years experience manufacturing boat covers and Bimini tops. 

You can choose your Bimini Top size, or you can go with one of our manufacturer's recommendations.  Once that choice is made, we can discuss cost with you.

A Bimini Top is a great investment for an avid fisherman, family boater, or anyone who spends time on a boat. It's a must have item for hot summer days. A Bimini Top will pay for itself over the years by saving you sunburns and keeping you comfortable while boating.

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