Shades and Blinds: 

Custom Fabrication


Custom made porch curtains, window blinds, boat lift shades and more - if you have an enclosure, we can make curtains that fit your needs, from clear vinyl to heavy duty canvas. 

The best place to start a job like this is with pictures.  Take some photos of your space and let us know some of the particulars you're looking for, such as size and an idea of the type of materials you're looking to use. Without that basic information we cannot even give you an idea of cost. Once we have that info we can give you an estimate of cost and a time-frame. 

With that information in mind, you can schedule a time for us to come and measure your space, choose your materials, and discuss installation.  This process is completely custom from beginning to end, to ensure you get exactly what you want for the space you have.  


To give you a rough estimate of average cost, this storage building needed 3 exterior, roll up curtains which took almost 12 yards of Sunbrella.  With that and all other material costs, plus labor which included on-site measurements and installation, the subtotal for this job was 

IMG_4186 2.JPG