3-in-1 Covers

Mooring covers are designed to be used while the boat is in the water, on a hoist, or sitting on a trailer.  They can be used while a boat is being stored, but not while the boat is being towed by trailer. A mooring cover is also not designed to hold a snow load, so if it is used for winter storage, it must be sheltered indoors or cleaned off after each snow.  

Travel covers are designed to fit tight and low, and are used when a boat is towed behind a vehicle.  

Dust covers are just that – neither waterproof or designed for towing, they will keep the interior of a boat clean of dust and debris while it is in temporary indoor or sheltered storage. 

Our covers are 3-in1, unless you need it only for one specific purpose.  

Each cover we make is made with high quality material and is custom fit to your boat. To get your custom cover patterned and fit, we will need your boat in our shop. Many custom boat cover shops require you to leave your boat for up to three weeks or longer – we can have your boat in and out in less than one week when you have scheduled your cover ahead of time. This allows you to have your boat back out on the water as fast as possible with the protection of a high quality, custom-fit boat cover!

All our covers are made with Aqualon Edge, a new product from Trivantage®, featuring Perfecta Marine® technology.  Aqualon Edge with Perfecta Marine technology provides superior heat reduction and heat reflection, and exceptional UV performance. Featuring innovative technology and these enhanced benefits, Trivantage offers an industry leading 7-year warranty for this hybrid coated fabric.

Trademark: Aqualon® and Trivantage® are registered trademarks of Glen Raven, Inc. Perfecta Marine® is a registered trademark of Graniteville Specialty Fabrics.

Measuring your boat

  • We measure your boat's centerline length (straight measurement from bow to stern).

       NOTE: Do not measure up and over the windshield.

  • The exact length of your boat is used, rounded up to the nearest foot.

  • Measure your boat's beam, the flat width of the boat at its widest point (usually near mid-ship). 

  • Your boat's length and beam are used to price your cover into standard prices. Any additional customizations are added to this based on your specific needs.

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