3-in-1 Covers

A 3-in-1 Cover has rope in the hem to used a quick dust cover, it has snaps mounted under the rub rail so it can used while on a dock or mooring, and it has trailering tabs for extra security and peace of mind while trailering long distance at high speeds.  Each cover comes with adjustable poles to give it the pitch required to shed water.  Vents are mounted on top of each pole so any moisture can escape from inside of the cover.  If you trailer often we can custom make removable trailering straps for use with your cover.


Reinforcement patches are sewn on the inside of the cover where there is anything that may cause rubbing.  As a custom shop we can make your cover in pretty much any marine grade material that you would like.  However, we highly recommend Aqualon® Edge for multiple reasons.  Aqualon Edge is an extremely strong, light weight, long lasting and completely waterproof fabric with a long proven track record. Unlike a lot of the woven acrylic fabrics on the market, Aqualon Edge does not shrink when dry nor sag when wet, which makes aligning the snaps upon installation easier for you. It has a soft white polyester backing that will not scratch or leave any color marks on your any part of your boat and it comes with one of the best warranties in the industry.  We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all of our covers made from Aqualon Edge and PTFE (marine coated) thread against any and all manufacture defects.  It doesn't matter if your cover is 20 plus years old, as long as your cover is serviceable we will repair it (on the spot whenever possible) for no charge. 

As a custom shop, we can make your custom cover in a variety of different ways.  As part of the design process, one of our techs will discuss how you plan on using it and walk you through the process of using that type of cover to ensure we meet your expectations.  It can be held on with just a rope in the hem, or snaps along the outer edge or trailer tabs or straps.  We can make those straps adjustable as well as removable if you want.  We can make it so it goes over, under or around a trolling motor.  We can add mooring cleat flaps, gas access flaps, adjustable and even removable trailer straps, zipper access panels... what ever you can dream up, we can make it happen. Each method comes with its own pros and cons, which we can discuss with you upon drop-off.

All covers are made by appointment only and typically take about a week.  The work involved in creating your custom cover is done here at our shop - none of it is farmed out.   To make an appointment we require a $300 deposit, which is refundable up to a week in advance of your originally scheduled appointment date; your date can be changed at any time based on availability.


Call us at 715-479-3414 to check availability, pick a date and and make arrangements for your deposit - we are happy to answer any questions you may have!



All our covers are made with Aqualon® Edge, a new product from Trivantage®, featuring Perfecta Marine® technology.  Aqualon Edge with Perfecta Marine technology provides superior heat reduction and heat reflection, and exceptional UV performance. Featuring innovative technology and these enhanced benefits, Trivantage offers an industry leading 7-year warranty for this hybrid coated fabric.

 Aqualon® and Trivantage® are registered trademarks of Glen Raven, Inc. Perfecta Marine® is a registered trademark of Graniteville Specialty Fabrics.

Measuring your boat

  • We measure your boat's centerline length (straight measurement from bow to stern).

       NOTE: Do not measure up and over the windshield.

  • The exact length of your boat is used, rounded up to the nearest foot.

  • Measure your boat's beam, the flat width of the boat at its widest point (usually near mid-ship). 

  • Your boat's length and beam are used to price your cover into standard prices. Any additional customizations are added to this based on your specific needs.

Summer Hours:

Monday thru Friday, 9-5.

Saturdays, by appointment.


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