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Cockpit and Bow Covers

The sleek look of a cockpit cover protects your interior and gives your boat a classy factory look, especially when coupled with a bow cover of matching color.  Use these covers when when you need light protection, such as at a dock or on a hoist -  but they are not a replacement for a full cover that offers more comprehensive protection from the elements, especially while trailering.


 Cockpit and bow covers generally will not be found at marine supply or big box stores - they need to be custom made as they are very specific to each boat.  Our talented techs and sewers can complete your bow and/or cockpit cover in a timely fashion, using top of the line, marine grade fabric, customizing them in any way you desire.

Most of our bow and cockpit covers are made with Sunbrella™ fabric, which is top-of-the-line, industry standard material for these types of covers. While they take less material to fabricate, they take significantly more time to customize and complete than an average full cover.  A good way to get an estimate for you boat in particular is to figure $90/linear foot. With that in mind, the average cost of a top quality, custom bow and cockpit together is $1600 to $1800.  

Our shop rate is $90/hr for two techs and a bay (during cover fabrication only), in our 3-bay cover shop. In the end, each cover is billed individually based on time and materials for that boat in particular. 

Why We Use Sunbrella™ Fabric

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